What is a Wormery ?

A wormery is another name for a worm farm otherwise knows as worm bins or worm boxes. A pile of food, castings and compost worms on the ground or in an old bath is also a type of wormery.

We have been making wormeries for years and have plenty of experience in what works best. We have worked with all the different types of wormeries; horizontal wormeries, vertical wormeries, flow through wormeries and worm windrows which are mostly used in larger scale vermiculture.

For domestic use a stack of boxes (a vertical wormery) is by far the most popular choice as they are easy to run and solve a lot of issues like harvesting the castings and keeping out pests.


When farming on a larger scale windrows or big containers holding the worms are more suitable than small boxes but specialist worm harvesting equipment or worm harvesters are needed to separate the worms from the castings. This is a tedious process if done by hand and is beyond the scope of a small worm farmer.

A large flow through wormery can solve the separation process, one of the better designs being large rectangular boxes constructed out of steel with hydraulically operated grates at the bottom. The grates move backwards and forwards shaking out castings from the bottom of the bin, as the bin is large enough to ensure that the worms are at the top very few worms or worm cocoons are lost in the process. Some of the largest commercial systems use this type of arrangement.

Please do have a look at our worm farm page to see what we offer in the way of domestic worm farms.