Common Worm Farm Pests and How to Deal With Them

Worm farm pests are easily dealt with. Usually once your worm farm is established you will not have a problem with pests.


It is quite important to remember that your worm farm is an eco-system. It will not only contain worms but will also have beetles, fungi, molds, mites, bacteria and other beneficial creatures. These all live together harmoniously in your farm and contribute to the breaking down of the organic material.

Some real pests are :

  • Fruit Fly: These gain access to the farm through improperly sealed containers, ventilation holes and even when you lift the farm’s lid. Fruit fly also lay their eggs on food which is left lying in the kitchen. Fruit fly is easy to remove by covering the food with an adequate layer of bedding. Damp shredded paper or cardboard will do and will soon deter the fruit flies.
  • Ants: Ants love the conditions in worm farms and will even eat the worms. Once the farm is established the natural conditions will stop any ants from entering. But, when the farm is first established you may need to take action to stop the ants from invading. Effective solutions are: covering the farms legs with Vaseline, a mixture of Borax and Sugar outside the farm will act as a bait and kill the ants. Ants like acidic conditions which can occur when you feed your farm lots of high sugar foods like fruits. Sprinkling Agricultural Lime inside the farm will balance the PH and drive out the ants.
  • Mice: If your farm seals properly they will not be a problem.