Worm Farm Care – how to look after your worm farm easily.

Worm farm care is relatively easy.


Remember the following when looking after your worm farm

  • Do not overfeed your worm farm. Read our feeding a worm farm section for more information.
  • Worms are cold blooded. This means that they cannot generate their own body heat. Worms like temperatures from 15°C to 25°C. Below 10°C and above 30°C may harm them. Keep the farm in an area where the temperature can be maintained. Remember that in nature the worms can burrow down into the ground to escape severe temperatures.
  • Worms are 70-90% water and can easily dehydrate. Maintain an adequate moisture balance in your farm. Soak paper and cardboard before introducing them into the farm. It is easy to neglect this aspect of worm farming.
  • Worms do not have teeth. The worm has an organ called a prostomium which is used for prying food apart. They have mouths which slurp down food, a gizzard like a chicken which grinds the food and an intestine. As a worm farmer you should be aware that worms are better able to eat food that has been cut into smaller pieces or liquidised.
  • Worms can live 4-8 years when looked after. Their lives are often cut short by accidents. It is a myth that worms regenerate if cut in half. They can be damaged easily so it is good practice to avoid sharp objects when digging around in your worm farm.