What is Vermiculture?

Well, Vermiculture is a big word that simply means “worm farming and its related products.” The word is derived from Vermi meaning worm and culture.


Vermiculture is also known as vermicomposting and is the use of specially bred earthworms to aerate the soil and convert organic matter into compost.

Large scale vermicomposting occurs in many countries and the vermicompost may be used for farming, landscaping, making worm tea or for sale.

Small scale vermiculture has become increasingly popular in the past few years as individuals become aware of the huge advantages of vermiculture and its environmental benefits. There are a number of small vermiculture systems available which makes starting a worm farm a simple exercise. A good worm farm will come with the information necessary to maintain the farm.

Good materials for small scale farm construction are recycled polyethylene and polypropylene as well as wood. Styrofoam is believed to release toxins into the earthworms environment and should be avoided. Metals conduct heat to quickly and are prone to rust.