Red Worms for Sale!


We have healthy red worms for sale. They are Eisenia Fetida or Eisenia Foetida (old spelling) otherwise known as red wiggler worms. These are special composting worms which live in the top or mulch layer of the soil. They are very good at producing worm castings and can eat up to their own body weight a day under ideal conditions. This species of worm is probably the most commonly used for worm farming.

Earthworms that you dig out of your garden are not suited to worm farming. They will be deeper level worms which will not thrive and will possibly die in a worm farm, it is a much better idea to buy red worms.

If you want to build and start your own worm farm we are happy to supply the worms on their own. Of course we also sell complete worm farms together with worms if you are looking for a turnkey solution.

We are running a great special of R250.00 for 1500 worms. The increased quantity of worms will give your worm farm a tremendous jump start.


How do we count 1500 worms?


As you can imagine worms are hard to count. To make it easier we harvest over 100 000 at a time. We take a handful which we weigh, and then we count each worm. Once this is done we work out the average weight of 1500 worms. It is then easy to weigh the rest of the batch out.

This system is usually quite accurate, but there will be variations. 1500 worms (depending on the size) can appear to be quite a small or quite a large amount.