We use special Compost Worms for worm farming

We recommend that your worm farm should be started with the correct compost worms Eisenia Fetida.


These compost worms are not the same as the worms that you can dig out of your garden.

Compost worms live in the top mulch layer of the soil and ‘compost’ organic material. The ordinary worms in your garden are deeper level worms and will not perform a composting function well.

The worms in your worm farm will self regulate i.e. they will never overpopulate your farm. You can of course take some out when the farm reaches capacity and give them to your friends to start their own farms.

The worms in your worm farm should double in population every few months. In good conditions within a year 1 000 worms should multiply to 12 000 worms and within two years you could have over a million of them!