Everything you need to know about running a worm farm.

We sell professionally designed worm farms..

This means that when you buy a worm farm from us you will own a unit that has been designed for ease of use, is good looking and is also stocked with the best, healthy worms.

This site also contains over thirty pages on worm farming, worm farms, worms, feeding worms and much more.

Owning a worm farm is very rewarding; it will turn your kitchen scraps into a high-value, natural fertiliser. Being eco-friendly it reduces greenhouse gasses too.

Once you start feeding your garden with worm castings it will flourish like never before; your vegetables will be bigger and tastier, your flowers healthier and it will all be natural and organic.

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A worm farm is also wonderful for educating children on recycling. It teaches them some important lessons about helping our world.

Once a worm farm is established, it is simply a matter of feeding the worms any scrap kitchen vegetable matter that you may have, it couldn’t be easier.

Studies have shown worm castings enhance germination, plant growth and crop yield. They add micro organisms to the soil and improve water holding capacity.

A well-run worm farm will not smell at all, it will have a natural earthy smell and needs very little time. The job of feeding the worms in the worm farm can easily be given to children to do, they love it!

Did you know that worms do a great job of sterilising the contents of a worm farm? This means that worm castings only contain ingredients which are beneficial to your soil and plants.